Pet Care Services From Your Edmonton Veterinarian

At Hamptons Animal Hospital/ Spay & Neuter Centre, our Edmonton veterinarian and team takes great pride in providing your pet with the highest standard of loving care. Our veterinary team believes strongly in offering the community quality pet care services at reasonable prices because, ultimately, our goal is to help local pets lead happier and healthier lives. No matter what type of veterinary service you need for your pet, there's a good chance we can provide it here in our office.


Our Veterinary Services Offered

Our full-service clinic is able to provide the care your pet needs in a comfortable, stress-free setting with compassionate veterinary professionals.

Routine Exams and Vaccines

We generally recommend comprehensive wellness exams anywhere from once to twice a year. These exams allow us to keep track of any changes in your pet's health. We can also use these appointments to ensure that your pet is up-to-date on all vaccinations.

Preventative Care

Our preventative care services include parasite prevention and control. Whether you have an indoor and outdoor pet, it's vital to have him or her on the proper flea, tick, and parasite prevention program to avoid health problems down the road. We can assist with this in our office.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If your pet is showing symptoms of illness or disease, our team can diagnose, treat, and help manage symptoms. Whether your pet is suffering from a chronic condition or treatable disease, we're here to provide the necessary treatment/management that's custom-tailored to your pet's needs and lifestyle.

Spaying and Neutering

Do your part to control the pet population and your pet's health by having him or her spayed/neutered. This simple procedure can save your pet from a number of health problems and improve overall temperament.

Dental Care for Dogs and Cats

Your pet's oral health is important, too! We provide dental exams, cleanings, and other procedures in our office to keep your pet's teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

Radiology and Diagnostics

If your pet needs X-rays, blood work, an ultrasound, or other diagnostic testing to diagnose or rule out potential health problems, we can complete this all conveniently in our office.

Emergency Care and End-of-Life Care

We have experience with a number of veterinary emergency situations, including accidental ingestion of poisons, broken bones, and lacerations. We can also assist with end-of-life care, ensuring that your pet suffers as little as possible.

Pet Identification

Improve the chances of a happy reunion if your pet becomes lost by having him or her micro-chipped or tattooed with identifying information. This takes just a few minutes in our office and makes it easy for you to be contacted in the event that your pet is recovered.

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If your pet is in need of any of our veterinary services, schedule an appointment with our Edmonton veterinarian today. You can reach our Hamptons Animal Hospital/ Spay & Neuter Centre by calling (780) 489-3203!


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