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Urgent and Emergency Pet Services at Hamptons Animal Hospital / Spay & Neuter Centre in Edmonton, Canada

No matter how diligently you've seen to your pet's preventative wellness and routine veterinary care procedures, there is always the lurking possibility of a serious injury or illness. Some of the incidents require urgent care at the very least, while others are full-blown emergencies. When trouble strikes, it's reassuring to know that you pet has access to urgent and emergency pet services here at Hamptons Animal Hospital / Spay & Neuter Centre in Edmonton, Canada.

Veterinarian wrapping a bandage around a dogs legUrgent Care Situations and Veterinary Emergencies

It's important to understand the difference between urgent care and emergency care. Urgent care applies to those situations in which has a serious or painful but not life-threatening condition, such as an earache, respiratory infection, or superficial cut in the skin. Even though your pet might not die from these conditions, you nevertheless need to arrange for the soonest possible treatment to relieve his discomfort and prevent dangerous complications from setting in. Emergency situations include problems such as:

  • Uncontrollable bleeding, diarrhea or vomiting
  • Disorientation, multiple seizures, gait problems, or loss of consciousness
  • Difficult or unusually lengthy labor
  • Inability to urinate or defecate normally
  • Bloat (a digestive twisting that prevents food from moving through the intestines)
  • Acute trauma such as lacerations, fractures, burns, or eye/ear injuries
  • Choking or foreign object ingestion
  • Poisoning
  • Heatstroke or hypothermia

What to Expect From Our Emergency Veterinary Team

While your first instinct may be simply to bundle your pet into the car and rush him to our emergency veterinary team, we would advise you to call our clinic first. We may recommend specific first aid steps that you administer to keep your pet from getting worse en route to the clinic, such as cooling off a pet with hyperthermia or binding an open wound. Your call also allows us to prepare for your visit so we're immediately ready to run the right diagnostic exams and administer the appropriate care. A procedure known as triage enables us to assess the exact nature and severity of your pet's condition.

We will keep you posted on how your pet is doing and explain any recommend treatment options as we go. This ensures that you can make the right choices for your pet, and that our team is doing everything possible to relieve his symptoms or even save his life.

Get the Help Your Pet Needs at Hamptons Animal Hospital / Spay & Neuter Centre in Edmonton, Canada!

We know how important your pet is to you, so make sure your pet can get the help he needs at our Edmonton, Canada Clinic. Keep our contact information nearby so you can call Hamptons Animal Hospital / Spay & Neuter Centre  at (780) 489-3203 anytime!


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