Pet Dermatology FAQ's

Frequently Asked Pet Dermatology Questions at Hamptons Animal Hospital

When your pet is showing signs of an irritating skin problem, you may be puzzled as he is miserable. Fortunately, Hamptons Animal Hospital understands these issues. Check out the answers to some frequently asked pet dermatology questions at our Edmonton clinic.

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What Are Some Common Signs of Pet Skin Problems?

Your pet's skin can show signs of irritation such as rashes, "hot spots," patches of hair loss, or blisters. You may also feel a mysterious lump under the skin, a possible sign of a benign or malignant tumor.

Why Does My Pet Have a Rash?

A rash may develop for any number of reasons. Friction and heat may conspire to create hot spots and staphyloccocus infections. Mites, ticks, and fleas can all irritate the skin to produce allergic reactions and rashes. Many other rashes are caused by food allergies.

How Do Pest Infestations Cause Skin Problems?

Pests' bites can be a source of skin irritation, especially if the host animal is allergic to the pest's saliva. The resulting itchiness may cause the pet to scratch or chew obsessively at the skin until it becomes significantly damaged -- allowing bacteria to aggravate the problem further.

What Kinds of Pet Allergies Cause Skin Irritation?

In addition to pest bites, your pet may experience allergic reactions on contact with a variety of environmental trigger, from grasses and molds to poison ivy and airborne contaminants. Food allergies create histamine reactions that can show up as skin problems. Common food-based allergens include eggs, chicken, lamb, and soy.

What Conditions Cause Hair Loss as Well as Skin Irritation?

A fungal infection called ringworm can cause circular patches of hair loss in addition to skin irritation. Sarcoptic mange is a mite infestation which causes hair loss as a pet scratches at the irritated skin.

How Does Your Edmonton Veterinary Clinic Treat Pet Skin Problems?

Our Edmonton veterinary clinic can administer a thorough evaluation to uncover the root cause of your pet's skin problem. Lumps can be surgically removed and checked for potential cancer. Pest infestations can be treated with soothing medicated shampoos and medications to keep those pests from bothering your pet in the future. allergy testing can isolate specific allergens your pet must avoid. Antihistamines, hypoallergenic diets, and other strategies can help your pet overcome allergy-related skin trouble.

We'll Find the Answers to Your Edmonton Pet's Skin Issues, Contact Our Hamptons Animal Hospital / Spay & Neuter Centre

Skin problems can be puzzling, but they can also be understood and treated by our skilled veterinary team. Call Hamptons Animal Hospital at (780) 489-3203 today to schedule an evaluation and get the answers to your pet's skin issues!  


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