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Pet Anesthesia At Our Hamptons Animal Hospital / Spay & Neuter Centre

If your pet needs a surgical procedure, it's important that you work with a veterinarian you can trust. Our veterinarian at Hamptons Animal Hospital in Edmonton has years of experience and will treat your pet with the care and compassion you expect. From simple inpatient procedures to more complex surgeries, our vet is here to serve you and your furry best friend.
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Why Your Pet Might Need Anesthesia

Whenever a pet undergoes a surgical procedure, it's likely that the veterinarian performing the procedure will use some form of pet anesthesia. Whether the procedure is something simple, such as a spay/neuter procedure, or something more complicated, such as tumor removal, our veterinarian wants to ensure that your pet receives the upmost comfort, and typically, that means using pet anesthesia. Veterinarians also often use pet anesthesia to complete dental cleanings and/or tooth repair for your pet, as most pets are not fond of sitting still for the amount of time such procedures may take!

Importance Of Anesthesia

Anesthesia ensures that your pet does not feel pain during their procedure. Just like people, pets sometimes get anxious before a medical procedure, and anesthesia helps your pet to stay relaxed. This also ensures that your pet does not move during the procedure, which is important both for the safety of your pet and the safety of the surgical team. Pet anesthesia also means that your pet will not leave the vet's office with fear of the vet due to the pain of a difficult procedure.

How Anesthesia Is Administered

Before your pet's surgery, our veterinarian will likely administer a sedative to your pet to help them relax. This can be done in pill or liquid form, or it may be administered intravenously, through an IV catheter. This IV catheter is also what your veterinarian will likely use to administer the pet anesthesia. Sometimes, veterinarians may use a gaseous form of anesthesia instead of or in addition to IV anesthesia. During the procedure, your pet's surgical team will keep track of his or her vitals and increase or decrease the amount of anesthesia being administered as necessary.

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Looking for a veterinarian that you can trust with your pet's surgical care? Whether your pet needs a simple dental cleaning or is in need of more complex care, our Edmonton veterinarian is here and ready to help. Call Hamptons Animal Hospital at (780) 489-3203.  


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