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Our Edmonton Vet Welcomes New Patients!

Whether you've adopted a new puppy or kitten, rescued an older pet, or have just moved to the Edmonton area it is important to find an animal hospital and veterinarian that can provide your new family member with the care they need to stay protected, grow, and thrive. At Hamptons Animal Hospital/ Spay & Neuter Centre in Edmonton, Alberta our experienced veterinarians are ready to make our new patients feel welcome and are dedicated to helping each pet live a healthy and fulfilling life.

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A Full Service Animal Hospital in Edmonton

When you first bring your dog or cat into see their new vet for the first time, it is hard to know where to start. Unless there is a looming medical need, a simple well pet visit is a great focus for the first meeting with a new vet. By keeping a pet's first meeting with the vet as low key as possible, you'll be able to establish a positive association for your pet, and limit the amount of anxiety associated with vet visits.

Setting up a well pet visit while your pet is healthy also gives us at West Edmonton Animal Hospital a chance to review important information about your pet's diet, behavior, and medical history so we know what types of issues to look for. It is important for pet parents to communicate as much information as possible about their pet's food, drinking habits, treats provided, and any medications they take to help us get a good idea of who your pet is, and how to treat them effectively.

The Services Your Pet Needs

Besides well pet check ups we offer a wide range of health services for you pets including:

  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite control and prevention
  • Emergency surgery and care
  • Spayed and neuter services
  • Prenatal care
  • Allergies and digestive issues
  • Behavioral issues
  • Micro-chipping or tattooing for identification
  • Pet Dentistry
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • End of life care

Just as humans get the best care from their health care professionals when their provider knows them and their history, the same is true for your pet. At West Edmonton Animal Hospital we look forward to not just meeting your pet, but getting to know them so we can address their unique needs in order to enhance their quality of life and your pet ownership experience.

Contact us Today to Make an Appointment!

To learn more about what we have to offer, and to set up a time for us to meet your pet contact us at (780) 489-3203 to make an appointment.

Here you'll find everything you need about Hamptons Animal Hospital / Spay & Neuter Centre and how we can help you. We have online forms for everything related to our Edmonton veterinarian clinic, and information, including a virtual office tour and what to expect on your visit.


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