Microchipping FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About Microchipping at Our Animal Hospital

Here at Hamptons Animal Hospital/Spay & Neuter Centre, we answer plenty of questions from owners looking to protect their beloved pets from illness or injury. Microchipping is one of these hugely important preventative measures. Here are some frequently asked questions on the topic from our veterinarian in Edmonton.
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What Is Microchipping?

Microchipping is the insertion of a data transceiver chip in your pet's body. This transceiver contains a unique ID number, and it transmits that number whenever an RFID scanner is run over your pet's body. The number is then used to find your pet in a nationwide pet registry database which also contains your contact information.

How Does Microchipping Benefit My Pet?

Microchipping helps to ensure that your pet can be identified even if his collar tag is missing. This is important because collar tags can easily be torn off or lost, in which case no one would have any idea that this animal belongs to you (or where his owner might be reached). Millions of lost or otherwise unclaimed pets are killed in shelters every year out of necessity.

How Effective Is Microchipping at Helping Pets and Owners Become Reunited?

Microchipping can dramatically boost your odds of finding your pet and bringing him home again. According to U.S. figures, only about 2 percent of missing cats without microchips returned to their owners, compared to 38 percent of microchipped felines. Dogs also benefit, with nearly one-third more microchipped canines finding their way home compared to their non-microchipped counterparts.

How Does Your Veterinarian in Edmonton Perform a Microchipping Procedure?

You'll be happy to know that our veterinarian in Edmonton can perform a microchipping procedure quickly, easily, and entirely without surgery. The microchip is so tiny that we can simply inject it like a vaccination under your pet's skin. You can then expect the microchip to function for decades, especially since it needs no internal power source.

Does a Microchipped Pet Still Need a Collar Tag?

Even if your pet has a microchip installed, you still to make sure he has a collar tag. These tags are what most people look for first when they encounter a lost animal. The microchip serves as an important secondary form of ID.

Ready to Schedule Microchipping With Our Veterinarian in Edmonton?

Now that you have a better idea of how microchipping can help you keep your happy family together for years to come, the next step is to schedule this procedure for your furry friend. Call Hamptons Animal Hospital/Spay & Neuter Centre at (780) 489-3203 to set up an appointment with our veterinarian in Edmonton!


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