Bring Your Pet Home Safely with a Microchip

Microchip your pet easier and faster with your local veterinarian today

A microchip is a small, relatively inexpensive device that can save your dog or cat's life. The main thing that a microchip does for your pet is provide permanent identification that is impossible to lose. If your pet gets lost or just decides to take an extended vacation on their own outside of Edmonton and gets picked up by animal control authorities, a microchip can get them back to you.

What is a Microchip?

A microchip is a small computer chip that is encased in a tiny glass tube. It does not have a battery, so there is nothing to wear out. When a specialized scanner is run over the location of the chip, usually by a vet, it reads the unique identifier on it. This number is registered with a company that maintains a database of information linking microchip IDs with owner names and contact information. You must register a microchip and keep the information up to date in order for it to be effective.

Microchips are so small that they just are injected under the skin by a vet using a slightly larger than normal hypodermic needle. Most dogs and cats seem to find the procedure painless, but if you are having your pet spayed or neutered, or in for a dental cleaning, it can be done while they are still under anesthesia. Your veterinarian will then give you the number of the microchip implanted in your dog or cat and instructions on how to register it.

Benefits of Microchipping

The main benefit of microchipping your dog or cat is that the chances of getting them back should they go missing are greatly increased. One study even found that while only 13 percent of dogs without microchips went home from the shelter, 74.1 percent of microchipped dogs went home. Cats were returned to their owners even less frequently than dogs when they were not microchipped. However, almost three-quarters of all dogs and cats in another study went home when they were microchipped.

Ask Our Edmonton Veterinarian About Microchipping

Here at Hamptons Animal Hospital in Edmonton, we know how important pets are to their people. A microchip is a safe, inexpensive way to ensure that if at all possible, you pet will come home. Ask a veterinarian at our facility about microchipping your pet today! We can be reached at (780) 489-3203.

What form of ID does your pet have now?


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