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Pet Surgery

Pet Surgeries Offered By Our Vet At Hamptons Animal Hospital

Spay and neuter surgeries help improve the quality of animal's lives and to manage animal population control. In many cases this procedure helps reduce their incidences of developing certain risky cancers and also helps your animal feel content. Our vet offers surgeries to age-appropriate pets including senior pet care surgeries.

neutered pets

Pet surgeries our caring Edmonton veterinarian performs

Spay and neuter

Did you know that spaying and neutering your dog can help create a feeling of contentment that reduces their natural drive to leave the home to seek out a mate? It is suggested that this surgery be performed for all non-breeding cats and dogs.

Dog spaying

We suggest that you bring your female dog to us before their first heat cycle to help reduce hormonal fluctuations, reduce the development of mammary tumors and to prevent false pregnancy. This surgery can also help your pet prevent a type of urinary tract infection from occurring called pyometra.

Cat spaying

Like dogs, we suggest that your cat undergo spaying surgery before their heat cycle to reduce breast cancer risk and to prevent other reproductive cancers such as ovarian and uterine.

Rabbit spaying

Rabbit populations can be controlled when spaying surgery is chosen by owners. Did you know that rabbits are very social animals that enjoy being with other rabbits when their hormone levels are balanced by spaying? If left unspayed, rabbits may behave aggressively to other rabbits due to fluctuating hormone levels.

Cat neutering

Like other animals, cat neutering helps control cat populations. Male cats can become aggressive with other cats and fight when left unneutered as well as attempt to roam. Diseases that threaten cats such as FIV and FeLV can also be transmitted to cats that are not neutered.

Dog neutering

Neutering your male dog will help reduce complications that can come up with hormonal fluctations later. Un-neutered dogs may not respond to certain medications which can be dangerous if a life-threatening condition comes up. If diabetes or epilepsy occurs, a neutered dog may respond to treatment more optimally.

Rabbit neutering

Male rabbits can exhibit aggressive sexual behavior if they have never been neutered. Neutering helps control rabbit populations and improves their general quality of life.

Senior pet care surgeries

Age is just a number at Hampton's Animal Hospital. Our senior pets deserve special care. Being prone to diseases such as kidney disease, cancer and diabetes makes regular exams for your senior pet more important than ever. When it comes to your senior pet it's all about well-being, not their age. If your senior pet requires surgery, focus on your pet's wellness rather than the idea of them being an "old pet." We can help you make surgical decisions for your senior pet should they arise.

Our veterinarian loves meeting new pets. Ready to become a member of a veterinary practice that has all of your pet's surgical needs in mind? Please call for an appointment at (780) 489-3203.


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