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Pet Dentistry

Pet Dentistry - Dental Care for Your Pets in Edmonton

Just like for you and your children, having clean teeth and healthy gums is an important part of your pet’s wellness and comfort. As your pet dentist in Edmonton, Hamptons Animal Hospital/ Spay & Neuter Centre always examines your pet’s mouth and teeth during regular checkups. To keep your dog or cat’s mouth healthy, we provide comprehensive pet dental services from routine cleanings to tooth extractions, including:

  • Diagnosis and treatment plans for loose or decayed teeth
  • Dental X-rays
  • Oral surgery for broken teeth and other dental trauma
  • Root canal and tooth repair
  • Treatment for bleeding, inflamed or diseased gums

Bad breath, trouble chewing, mouth pain or lost appetite signal dental problems in pets as well as humans. Receding or swollen gums as well as a loose or missing tooth are also sure signs that your cat or dog has painful gingivitis or periodontitis. Dental disease also sends bacteria into your pet’s bloodstream, which can lead to damage to the kidneys, liver or heart. Keeping your furry friend’s teeth clean is definitely important to a healthy, happy life. In fact, it is so important that February is dental health month at Hamptons Animal Hospital/ Spay & Neuter Centre.

Unfortunately, up to 75% of cats and dogs have never had their teeth brushed or a dental cleaning. That means having a veterinarian who is a pet dentist in the Edmonton area is your best ally in keeping your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. In addition to in-office teeth cleaning to remove harmful plaque and tartar, we’ll show you how to regularly brush your pet’s teeth at home to maintain their healthy shine between annual checkups.

Hamptons Animal Hospital/ Spay & Neuter Centre is here to help you make regular dental services part of your pet’s overall wellness plan. Preventative care is your first defence against tooth decay and gum disease, so call our staff to schedule a dental cleaning for your cat or dog. We have early evening and Saturday hours available.


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