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  • Bring Your Pet Home Safely with a Microchip
    A microchip is a small, relatively inexpensive device that can save your dog or cat's life. The main thing that a microchip does for your pet is provide permanent identification that is impossible Read more
  • Edmonton Veterinarian Recommends Spaying
    Vet Recommends Spay for Better Health There are lots of reasons to spay a pet, whether it be dog, cat, or rabbit. It reduces the potential for pet overpopulation. It reduces Read more
  • Reasons to Neuter Your Dog or Cat
    Is Your Pet Ready For Spay Or Neuter With Our Edmonton Veterinarian? Are you the proud owner of a new puppy or kitten and have questions about spay and neuter? Our Edmonton veterinarian Read more
  • Types of Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats
    Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats at West Edmonton Spay & Neuter Animal Hospital West Edmonton Spay & Neuter Animal Hospital provides comprehensive care for dogs and cats. Our goal is to help keep your Read more


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